Western Hills Baptist School

Western Hills Baptist School was founded to provide a Bible-based education for the children of our church family.

The Bible speaks of three areas of training for which parents are responsible:

     1.      Teaching Children to Know and Love God’s WordKaleb

     2.      Teaching Children to Know and Love God

     3.      Teaching Children Wisdom and Character

In all three cases, the key is Scripture. That is the foundation of Christian education. Education that is truly Christian is based upon and saturated with the Laura and Dylan 2Word of God. It is the Bible at work in the lives of young people that changes them. The Christian School is a training ground for servants of Jesus Christ. It is our best means of training young people to become full-time Christian workers and useful members of the local church. With only a short
window to help build a solid biblical foundation before they launch out on their own, we wNoahs Ark pic 1ant them to develop an intense desire to serve the Lord in and through whatever their chosen occupation may be. It is our desire that they become soul winners and church workers. The Christian School is a training tool used by God to fulfill the Great Commission and to train the next generation of Christian leaders. The faculty and staff at Western Hills Baptist School are dedicated to educating  the complete child—body, soul, and spirit—through use of the Scriptures.