In the last moments that Christ was on this earth, He gave to his disciples The Great Commission. It is the job of every Christian to be actively involved in reaching this lost world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that world evangelization is one of the greatest thrusts of Western Hills Baptist Church. Western Hills Baptist Church currently supports 108 missionaries and missionary projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

Argentina/Chili                  Israel                        Philippines

Asia                                    Italy                          Romania

Belize                                 Ivory Coast              Russia

Brazil                                 Japan                        Samoa

Cambodia                          Kenya                       Scotland

Canada                              Korea                        Southeast Asia

Canary Islands                 Lithuania                  Taiwan

China                                 Mexico                      Tanzania

Costa Rica                        Mozambique             Thailand

Dominican Republic        Nauru                         Ukraine

Ghana, West Africa          New Zealand             Wales

Honduras                          Nicaragua                  United States

India                                  Nigeria                        Uruguay

Indonesia                          Norway                       West Africa

Ireland                               Peru                            Zambia