About Us

The Hardesty family arrived in Arizona on July 4, 1993, with a vision to start a local church. They settled in Surprise, AZ and began the search for a place to meet to begin the church. After much prayer and many hours spent driving around surrounding cities, God brought them to the Rising Stars Daycare in Glendale. They held their first service on September 27, 1993, with 58 in attendance. The Lord also led them to begin supporting their first missionary during that service. After several months, the small congregation moved to the Canyon Elementary School where they continued to meet for more than three years. It was during this time Pastor Hardesty was burdened to give the people a vision to begin the process of setting aside money to purchase a place of their own. With much prayer and searching, God brought them to the corner of Glendale and El Mirage which is close to Luke Air Force Base. Since his time in the Army, God had given Greg a burden to minister to the military, and being so close to a base would certainly provide that opportunity. In a few years they had their first meeting in their own building. God continues to bless Western Hills enabling us to expand our facilities with a new building which was dedicated in September 2014. We are excited at what God has done and is doing for Western Hills Baptist Church. Only He knows what blessings await us in the future.